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Bouquet Flowers Delivery – Instant Flowers Delivery Packages A-C

Gifts and flowers – the best way of showing her how much you care.

It is the most traditional but still the best way to your lady’s heart. If you want to tell her about your feelings and say more than mere words, just present her a bouquet of flowers.

Why Flower Delivery has been recommended to our foreign members?

Our website is getting overrun with “less than acceptable” people who have discovered how easy and fast it is to send spam messages to our members. These are not serious members, these are spammers/scammers.

It’s been our experience that people who pay for something respect it more and are at least willing to read the rules. We know this will not stop all the problems but it will drastically cut down on them.

You could use the Flowers Delivery as your advantage to know your girl further. It’s giving you and our team an opportunity to review her profile, photos and most importantly we will take glamour photos or personal video of her and send it to you.

We cannot avoid that there are thousands scammers in the internet nowadays. We decided to apply this strategy by helping our foreign members to avoid of being ripped off.

Flower Packages

USD $59.00
1 Dozen Roses, 200 Pesos gift cash, Glamour shot
(PLUS 6 Months Unlimited Access to all members)
USD $99.00
1 Dozen Roses, 300 Pesos gift cash, Chocolates, Glamour shot
(PLUS 12 Months Unlimited Access to all members)
USD $159.00
1 Dozen Roses, 500 Pesos gift cash, Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Glamour shot
(PLUS 18 Months Unlimited Access to all members)

Terms and Conditions of Package A – C