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How to Get in Touch With Other Members


How to join?

    Click Sign-up, fill in the fields and click Join now.

Do not have an email address yet?

    You will need an email account to join. Opening a Free email account is easy. Go to any of the following websites below for a free sign-up of email address

Is registration Free?

    Yes, registration is 100% FREE.

Can I use the website without an account as a member?

    You are allowed to search but you cannot make any contacts with the members. You need to register first and then take advantage of the website’s features and services.


Are there any Membership Plans if I join the site?

    This site is 100% FREE and no need to pay anything, all you have to do is upload more photos and complete your profile in order to get the full access of our services.

When do I become a member?

    You are already a member when you signup and agree to be bound with the Terms and Conditions.

How do I earn more stars?

    You need to upload more of your photos and add more details to your profile in order to get more stars.

For men

    To earn more stars you must upload glamorous photos, have a standout profile and regular login in the site.

For women

    If you have stars higher than 3, you will have more chances to be seen by men having 4 or 5 stars. These guys, we think, are real for the girls who are looking for marriage and true love.


How can I update my Profile?

    To update your profile:

    1. Click on View/Update Profile.
    2. Click on the link “Update Profile.
    3. Fill in the field/s you want to be updated.

No changes happened when I update my profile, why?

    Make it sure that you save the changes that you made. Furthermore, your newly saved profile will be sent to Admin for approval.

How to turn my profile off or on?

    In your profile section, find the button settings, set your profile status to On or Off.


How to upload my photos?

    In your profile, click on the link “Add Photo”. Browse your photos and click Upload Now.

I have a problem uploading my photo…Please Help!

    There are certain factors that your photos may not be uploaded it is either of slow internet connection or too large photo size. If you experience problems uploading your photos, you can contact us and we’ll be the one to upload your photos.

    Maximum size: 1MB Acceptable formats: JPEG or GIF

Can I delete my photos?

    You can delete your picture by clicking delete button and change it to a new one

Why should I add photo?

    Profiles with photos grab attention first- if your profiles do not have any photos other members will never look at it.

How many photos can I add?

    You can add as many stunning photos as you can!

Are there any guidelines in posting a photo?

    As much as possible we discourage members who will post vulgar, fake and other pictures that will not resemble their true physical self.

How to Upgrade

How to Upgrade Profile?

    Adding more photos and add more details on your profile is the only one way to upgrade, we don’t collect any payment from our members, this site is 100% FREE.

Why is my account deactivated?

    We deactivate accounts due to the following reasons:

    1. A member is reported a scammer.

    2. Uploaded vulgar and fake photos.

    3. Giving personal numbers, email address and IM info.

    4. A member asked money from men.

Account Settings

How can I change my userd ID?

    No, this is done for security and to evade any scamming activities of the registered members. Furthermore, this is to avoid confusions to your newly found friends or ideal persons

How to change my password?

    To change your password, click on View/Update Profile. Click on the link “Change my Password” and it will direct you to the change password page.

Can I remove my account?

    Existing accounts are not removed. We only deactivate your membership or drop down your stars so you will not be able to access our features.

Chat Features

Who can use the chat features?

    Men- Membership is FREE so enjoy the features we offer now! Members who have 4-star ratings and above can chat with online members.

How to connect to chat?

    In your profile, click on the “Chat” link and you will be directed to the chat room. You can view members who are online. If you wish to chat with them, point the arrow to “Click to Chat”.


Why are my messages and smiles gone?

    Two months old messages and smiles are automatically deleted for some maintenance

How to check and send messages?

    To check your messages, go to your profile and click on Message. To send a message, choose a member you want to send message to, click on the envelope icon and it will direct you to the write area.

    Reminder: Women please take note of the warnings e.g. do not send email address, contact numbers and asking money to men.

How to Get in Touch With Other Members

Send smiles

    To send a smile, choose a member that you want to send smile to, click on the smile icon and a pop-up window will appear.


    To chat, click on the “Chat” link and you will be directed to the chat room. Then, chat with members who catches your fancy.

Send messages

    To send messages, choose a member that you want to send a message to, click on the envelop icon and it will direct you to the write area.

Send flowers(For Men)

    To send flowers, on your profile click on the Send Flowers icon. Choose from any packages you like and click Order Now. Read Terms and Conditions for more info.

    Reminder: The Flower Package Delivery Service is not refundable but you can send the package to another girl if there are problems encountered on delivering it to your desired recipient.

Is your website scam free?

    This is the TOP PRIORITY of our website, to be scam free. We guarantee you that our website is absolutely scam free. We do background check of our members to secure that no scammer can escape.

What is “who viewed me”?

    These are members that are viewing your profile and might get interested in you.

Any questions not answered here?

    Just contact us for more details.